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$46 Adult & Senior Ticket ($17.99 Savings), $28 Child
  • Thanks to for the discount on two tour packages! We had a marvelous trip to San Francisco! We combined the use of the two tours we purchased - one for Muir Woods and Sausilito and then a Four- In- One Hop on Hop off bus package- we got off at Sausilito from the Muir Woids tour and hitched a ride on the second leg of the Sausilito/Presidio loop back across the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco. Sometimes not so funny jokes from the tour guides on the double decker buses just seemed to be a part of adding flavor to the whole experience! Thanks again for the extra day and the discounts Guide You! I loved taking pictures from the open air buses!
  • This was a great way to see many of the sights of San Francisco and a great value at $46 for 72 hours!!! The drivers/staff/guides were all very knowledgable and helpful. We had a wide range of ages in our group from 21-70 and everyone enjoyed the sights and tour.
  • I took four different buses, and each guide was informative and fun while having their own distinct syle. It was sunny and warm the entire time I was in San Francisco, which made the open top bus experience that much more enjoyable. I found the stops to be convenient to my hotel and major sites of interest. I'd definitely recommend this service!
  • Everything was absolutely wonderful! We took advantage of all 4 tours and cannot complain about anything! We went on a very rainy weekend and they consistently provided ponchos and stood upstairs in the rain with us! Thank you for everything!
  • Great. Hope to use next time again. thanks.
  • It was nice having the pass for 3 days so we could do some loops each day and do the ones we needed more time on again later. Good value.
  • Tour was terrific...except for the wind and cold air!!
  • Excellent service, excellent prices, excellent experience
  • Great way to see the Bay area. The 3 day pass was just right for us. Your employee at the phone center was very friendly and helpful. Thanks.
  • Our experience with the Open Top Double-Decker Bus was wonderful. Our group used it all 3 days to do different tours.
  • tour is nice way to get around san fran and this deal is a great price.
  • Great tour, would totally do it again! Great deal and very good guides!
  • I must say that the tour was a lot of fun and you learn so much about San Francisco. Tour guides are very knowledgeable of the city and a pleasure to be around. My only drawback would be the hop on hop off. If you jump off at a location you just might have to wait for hours to get back on. Our stop at the Golden Gate Bridge had maybe 30 people hoping to get on due to the fact that they got off for sight seeing and thought they could get back in the next bus which comes about every 30 minutes. Well if that bus is full and no one gets off you must wait until a bus shows up that has empty seats. We wanted to get off in China Town but because the bus was so full we didn't want to risk not being able to get on once we were ready to head back. Great tour and staff but sucks if you really want to hop on and off.
  • This tour is a great way to see the city. The guides were informative and very helpful. I would recommend this tour company to anyone.
  • Great way to see the city and its beautiful surroundings. Can't beat the price an its comfort.
  • Used bus on Loops. Tour guides gave good descriptions of the areas visited. Confusion over the 9.20 / 9.30 bus on Friday. The mike did not work but was it a tour bus or a shuttle back to Fisherman's Wharf ? Thanks
  • Great tour. My 12 year old loved it!
  • Great offer to get round all the sights of San Francisco. Would certainly recommend this offer from GuideYou if you are visiting the City.
  • It would have been helpful to have a list of the tour times at the time I booked, so that I could have better prepared for departure times. I got lucky, and made it within 5 minutes of departure. It should have been so easy to send me the times via e-mail. The tour operators were helpful when I arrived. It had taken me 2 hours on public transportation to get to the bus stop, so needless to say, I was in a panick. A young man walked me to the storefront where I could exchange my confirmation number for a pass. I was not prepared for my double decker bus to be only one level, and open air! I was not dressed for 45 degrees in a convertible! Going across the Golden Gate Bridge in these conditions (and total fog) felt like driving through an ice storm. All in all, the tours were helpful to get the lay of the land for the weekend when my husband and I had more time. Sadly, I was only able to take 1 and 1/2 tours rather than the 3 or 4 I had hoped for, as transportation to Burlingame took so much longer than expected on the BART and trolley. I was too cold to take pictures!
    Response from the Team
    Thank you for your review. Your point about needing a jacket is a good one, the Bridge is often foggy and San Francisco has many microclimates with an average temperature of about 64 degrees.
  • Amazing staff, they are all super nice and hilarious. 4 great tour, definitely worth every penny. For anyone who's going to San Francisco for the first time, it's a must. You get to see all the main attractions of the city and then you can decide whether you wanna stop there and visit them on your own. Super super useful. You haveeee to get it.
  • was awesome, except for the time we wait in each stop for he next bus!
  • A great sightseeing tour bus. You will visit almost all the places San Francisco has to offer.
  • The tour definitely works for San Fran as there are plenty of stops along the way to accommodate your different sight seeing views. I would have liked if the frequency of the buses coming through a number of stops was a little better (Full House houses) as you would take 20min max to look around the area then have to wait 40min for the next bus. Having said that, it may be different in summer as we were travelling in winter and the numbers may be less. Not a big issue in the scheme of things. Warning: dont have a few drinks before the Night Tour in Winter.. our bladders were busting after an hour and they have a "no stop" policy so there was a moment where we thought the rest of the bus would get an unwelcome sight. Much thanks to the tour operator who let us off and it was then a dash to find a nearby toilet.. (take this comment as tongue-in-cheek, but still a valid warning).. great experience and definitely value for money
  • The hop on hop off bus tour was great. We stayed at a hotel blocks from union square. We were able to catch the bus and transfer when needed from that location. We went the first week of December and the weather was great. We really enjoyed the ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. It is very windy but worth it. We got off at the Golden Gate Bridge, golden gate park, union square and fishermans wharf. The buses ran onetime for the most part. The most we waited for a bus was an extra 10 min. All the tour guides were knowledgeable, interactive and friendly.
  • Had a great time seeing the city. All the tour guides were excellent! I would recommend to all!
  • Fantastic tour - great way to see all the highlights, particularly if you have a limited amount of time in the city as I did. I took all 4 city loops and felt I had a really good overview of the city as a result. Plus, you can hop on and off when you like. 3 out of my 4 tour guides were excellent too - particularly cheerful and funny as well as knowledgable about San Francisco. The fourth one was fine - not bad, but it was always going to be hard to match the other three. I think it was very good value for money and would recommend it if you want to see all corners of the city, and especially brilliant for those who only have a few days in the city and want to see as much as possible! Buses were reliable in turning up on time, although on one occasion I got caught out as the bus seemed to have left a few minutes early - be sure to get to the stop at least 10 mins before so you don't get caught out too!
  • For the price we pay value for money especially with 72hrs passes. Highly recommended to friends. We have a wonderful tour with your company especially STEVE who's took us to Golden Gate Bridge and city tour Steve, both of them give us so much information. Plan to go back next year to celebrate our wedding annverisary, definitely will use back your company.
  • We really enjoyed the tours and the information we received from them. We would definately recommend this tour to others. Thanks for the experience!
  • We purchased the 72hr pass on line, before our trip to San Francisco. During our three day visit, we took all four loops as well as used the buses for transportation around the city. It was a great value and the tours were all excellent. I highly recommend this company. Donald, Ottawa, Canada
  • Overall, this was an excellent way to see the city. I have been to San Fran multiple times but never have enough time to see a lot. The weather was nice, the guides were very informative.
  • **** GREAT TRIP **** HIGHLY RECOMMENDED **** Were able to take use only for 1 day. Not able to take one of the tour "GoldenGate Bridge & Sausalito" tour because of the traffic & delay the tour got cancelled in the evening becuase of LABOR DAY So the TOUR COMPANY gave us an option of 2 FREE tickets for "WAX MUSEUM" OR "RIPLEY's Believe it or Not". We took and Ripley's and was worth.
  • Great deal! We had a wonderful time. It is a fun way to get around in San Fransisco. We have been to Sf many times but with this tour we discovered and learned new things we didn't know before. We highly recommend this tour.
  • We thoroughly enjoyed your tours. Your guides were very good, had great senses of humor and provided us with some very interesting and useful information about San Franisco during our time with them- a grat way to get the big picture of your city.
  • Fabulous tour with amazing guides that were funny and extremely knowledgable! I have already written on trip advisor about this tour giving it 5 stars all the way. This was the perfect way to explore San Fran; I would not want to do it any other way!
  • I enjoyed the Bus tours. It was convenient to be able to get off and explore if that is what I wanted or to stay on the bus and not have to worry about walking around since my husband has a problem walking. I also enjoyed hearing about the different areas we visited.
  • Overall, our experience was great--the tour guides were good in general; we enjoyed all the tours included in the pass. The Golden Gate Bridge tour was really good, since there was no fog and we could see the bridge! We also really enjoyed the Golden Gate Park tour--never had been there before and the tour guide was very helpful with tips to see the park and the museums there. The hop on, hop off feature is great, allowing us to get around the city but also to explore further specific sights. Some inconvenience/confusion in some areas about when and where we could get off--we completely missed getting off at Palace of Fine Arts because we didn't realize that there wasn't a stop on the way back from the Bridge tour. All in all, though, a big thumbs up!
  • especially the lady, who drove us to Ausalito and back was great!
  • We took two tours - the downtown route and the Golden Gate tour. They were both interesting, and we had a good time. On the first tour, however, the guide had a thick accent that made him occasionally difficult to understand. On the second, the guide sounded slightly arrogant and gave us too many personal anecdotes - especially about himself and his girlfriends.
  • I appreciated very much the tours I took with you. I had a very short stay in San Fran and with tourinng with you gave me the chance to see a lot of the town I could not have seen on my own.
  • Nice trip, interesting route, funny guide, convinient stops on the way
  • We enjopyed the bus tour. Gave us a snapshot of more to do and see in the beautiful city. Commentry was informative and humurous.
  • Great tour, had to wait longer than expected for bus--but overall we had great views!
  • Tours were interesting and informative. Spouse was supposed to be avoiding the sun so rode mostly inside the buses, but was much more interesting and made more sense to ride on top -- as we did in the late evening hours when the sun was not high in the sky -- and then most of the narrative comments by the guide made more sense because you have to look up to catch many of the points of interest. Of course the top of the buses always fill up first, so space is sometimes limited to downstairs only and sometimes standing room only during rush hours. Staff was very pleasant and helped with getting from point to point after the tour.
  • We had a great time. Best way to see San Francisco for us any way.
  • Our family took the hop on hop off 4 in 1 All Loops tour and thought it was a good buy for the money. The tour guides were very knowledgeable and the schedules were convenient. What we also liked was the fact that we could begin the tours on one afternoon and could finish them the next day.
  • My wife and really enjoyed the 4-in-1 Tour package. We've visited San Francisco many times and have seen most of the places on the tour. However, this was the first time I really had a chance to enjoy it without driving. What a great view from the double-decker bus and the tour guide information and guide was a great touch. I've already passed on to our family and friends our recommendation to purchase your tour. Good Job! A totally satisfied customer, Mr. Jim Pizano
  • Great experience. Well worth the money. But, tour guides varied widely in quality. If you get a bad guide, get off the bus and pick the next one. Not enough buses run the Golden Gate park tour so lines are long and you might not get on. By far the best way to get to walk the Golden Gate Bridge. Get off on one side and pick it up on the other.
  • A very disappointing tour. I will not do again. Besides finding the location, realizing I had to take different buses to different tours, the 'tour guide' kept pitching that we needed to tip him and the driver (not once, not twice, but several times during the short time we were on the bus). Not a good experience at all.
  • Bought the 4-in-1 tour for our brief stay in the area. Great tour for little money! Tour operators were well informed, polite, and courteous. It's best way to see all San Francisco has to offer and you do it at your own pace!