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User Review and Ratings
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  • Paul, Twelve Mile, Indiana
    Posted May 1, 2017
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    I thoroughly enjoyed seeing downtown San Francisco and eating lunch at Fisherman's Wharf. George, our tour driver, was very informative regarding various parts of the city and history of the city. Vicenzo,(sp.), our second tour driver was also very interesting to listen to. He told us all about Muir Woods and Sausalito. I made sure to buy plenty of postcards to remember the tour by. I would give this tour a five star rating and highly recommend it to anyone!
    Posted Aug 7, 2015
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    With the help of GuideYou we planned a full day of sightseeing including the SF City Tour and the Muir Woods tour. It was a great experience from beginning to end! We had only one day and it was well-spent.
  • The tour was great. Our guide, Charles literally knew everything about San Francisco. He was very thorough in his history and added a wonderful wit to liven up the tour. It was on time leaving and he had to handle a situation of some folks being late to return and he was cordial and took it in stride. We would recommend this tour without hesitation. The tour of Muir Woods was equally as wonderful. Lynn was our guide and he was professional, gave history as well and very accommodating. This group has it together and you will be glad that you used their tour services.
  • My mom and my son enjoyed your tour very much, as well as the fact that they were picked up from their hotel! Thank you!
  • The tour guide was friendly and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the trip.
  • We only took the Muir Woods/Sausalito tour as I had booked the other in error. The tour was extremely well done and our bus driver was excellent. He had extensive knowledge of the forest and vegetation and the manner in which he communicated this was personable and engaging. There was enough time at the Woods to enable you to get an appreciation of the forest. We would recommend the tour to others.
  • This was the best tour! The guides were so knowledgeable and we loved how they extended out knowledge and made the tours fun!!
  • This was a fantastic way to be introduced to the city. The bus route was excellent and our driver was superb for the City Tour. This is a much better alternative to driving ourselves!
  • We had a wonderful time here at Muir Woods!
  • Fantastic tours-very knowledgable guides-comfortable busses. I highly recommend the Tower Tours.
  • Driver was excellent. Very knowledgable, enthusiastic and entertaining. The woods were very tranquil, a stark contrast from San Fran. The tour of the city covered a huge amount and was very interesting
  • Found and booked this tour before leaving Australia. Thoroughly enjoyed the snap shot look at the city of San Francisco with the city bus tour and in the afternoon then took in the serenity of the Muir Woods and Sausalito. We would recommend these tours to our friends.
  • It's was a great tour. Our tour guide was very knowledgable and engaged the participants throughout the tour. He also had wonderful recommendations for lunch at Fisherman's Wharf. It was a day full of memories!!
  • The city tour is a great way to see all the main attractions and hear a little history as you go. Plenty of time for scenic photos when the fog allows. Muir Woods is worth the scenic drive. The walk through the woods was so serene and beautiful. Plenty of time to soak it in or walk at a good pace and work off some of the sourdough.
  • These were actually two separate tours with two different tour guides. The Muir Woods tour was great and we were able to spend time walking in the woods and seeing the natural sites. Having the deer eating along the creek was extra special, although I am shocked that the deer wasn't spooked with all of the people taking pictures. The rest of that tour was just a drive through Sausalito on the way back to San Francisco, so it wasn't that big of a deal. The second tour around SF was also great. Our driver provided a lot of detail. Also due to traffic and other issues, he was quick to make adjustments to the normal route so we could tour rather than be stuck in traffic. He obviously knew the city and the alternative routes. Unfortunately the fog was coming into the city that afternoon, so some of the sites were less visible than we would have liked, but we still enjoyed the tour.
  • The Muir woods section was really good. The afternoon city did not get interesting till the last hour. Driver knew his stuff.
  • It was just perfect. The man who was in charge of our tour was sweet and gentle, his detail explanation was interesting and funny. His encyclopedic knowledge was admirable. Muir Woods was beautiful and we were overwhelmed by nature's wonders. I hope the spots we can see in detail is increased. I can't check my reservation status in real-time on this website. I hope the system is improved. These two things are somewhat unsatistied.
  • I purchased this tour a few days before heading to California. I'm very glad I did. The tour was wonderful from beginning to end. The morning part of the tour is the Muir Woods. You are taken there and allowed 2 hrs to roam around. My bf & I got caught on the 2 hr hiking trail and missed our original tour bus by a few minutes. Luckily there was another bus there from the tour company and they were able to accommodate us. After Muir woods you are driven through Sausalita - which is a beautiful waterfront town and finally dropped off back at the agency to go venture for lunch. Second part of touir starts at 2pm until about 5pm. We were taken up to the Twin Peaks where you can see all of San Francisco (we had no fog that day so we saw EVERYTHING). Take this tour, you won't be disappointed!
  • My husband and I had scheduled our tour on the first day of our vacation. As luck would have it, it was raining and foggy all day. Despite that, we had a wonderful (actually delightful) time on the San Francisco Tour. Our tour guide was fun and had a beautiful voice for a tour guide. Because it was a rainy holiday, we had quite a few city detours, due to city events in the park. He was able to take alternate routes and we were able to save quite a bit of this part of the tour. We learned so much, even though we have been to San Francisco a number of times. This was our first official tour in this city. We were able to postpone the Muir Woods and Sausalito tour to the next day, when the rain was not as hard. It was also a fun trip and loved the Muir Woods. This company is not only very organized, but very very professional. You won't be disappointed.
  • I enjoyed visiting both places. Additionally, our driver was very nice. However, I would hope these tours are longer in the future. One hour is not enough time to have a restroom break and then attempt to purchase souvenirs. I will continue visiting your beautiful City and will again purchase tours from your company until I relocate here. Thank you for the pleasant experience.
    Response from the Team
    One option to have more time in Sausalito is to return by ferry rather than with the bus. During the summer season the ferry schedule offers later return departures.
  • The tour itself was great. Unfortunately, we had a tour guide that provided much more information about himself than what we were seeing on the tour. Thus the three star rating. Overall, the tour gets four stars and the guide gets two stars.
  • The trip was excellent value for money. I was especially glad that I did a combined trip and also got to see Muir woods and Sausalito. One often thinks that one city is very much the same as another. Attractions such as these make cities memorable. The trees made me forget that I was in a city and the street flowers in Sausalito were just very pretty to me. I need to also make special mention of the guide that took us to Muir woods. He was excellent in sharing information and very entertaining to listen to as well.
  • Very informative.Great drivers.
  • Loved the Muir Woods tour, driver was excellent. city tour,we were surprised that right at the beginning the driver told all of us..a gratuity would be in order, the company had given him the ok, to tell people..?? surprised about that,..the driver to Muir Woods never said anything and we tipped him much higher..He was a lot more pleasant..
    Response from the Team
    We are pleased that you enjoyed your tour. Yes,some drivers will be more vocal about how they live off tips. San Francisco is an expensive but lovely city to live in so they do appreciate gratuities.